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Drugs driving sign

Research Looks at Impact of Marijuana Use on Roadway Safety

By Paul Kistler |

California has joined a growing number of states by legalizing marijuana for recreational use. Starting in 2018, California residents will be able to purchase the drug in storefront locations without a medical marijuana license. While laws permitting non-medical marijuana use have become increasingly common, there has been little research on the effects of more… Read More »

A truck Inspection sign

Thousands of Trucks Suspended from Service after Inspection Crackdown

By Paul Kistler |

Large trucks, if not operated and maintained safely, can cause catastrophic damage to others on the road. For this reason, the federal government has enacted a detailed set of regulations governing the long-haul commercial trucking industry. A recent blitz of inspections has revealed, however, that these regulations are not being carefully followed by carrier… Read More »

Blue car hit on the side.jpg.crdownload

What You Should Know about Side-Impact Collisions

By Paul Kistler |

If you’ve ever been T-boned, you know how scary the experience can be—often without warning, your vehicle is slammed on the side, perhaps even sent spinning into other cars. Side-impact collisions, including broadside and T-bone crashes, can cause very serious injuries and are more likely to result in a fatality than other forms of… Read More »

Boy crossing the street

Young Children Less Capable of Safely Crossing Traffic than Previously Believed

By Paul Kistler |

According to a study conducted by the National Center for Statistics and Analysis, there were 8,000 injuries and 207 deaths in car accidents involving child pedestrians in 2014. You may have spent hours teaching your small children how to safely cross the street, especially if you knew that they would need to get themselves… Read More »

Angry driver

Crash Caused by Road Rage on Local Highway

By Paul Kistler |

A crash on the 14 Freeway in Santa Clarita resulted in damage to two vehicles and injuries to a driver who was not involved in the crash. The incident is an example of the startling number of road rage-motivated car accidents that occur each year on roads both in California and nationwide. Road rage… Read More »

Blonde boy in car seat

Failure to Restrain Children Could Result in Fatal Injury

By Paul Kistler |

Many parents find it challenging to get their kids to happily buckle their seat belt, use a booster seat, or allow their parent to buckle them into a car seat without a battle. However, new research reveals how critical it is for children to be properly restrained while they’re traveling by car. If you… Read More »

Two teens in a car wreck

More Restrictive Laws Prevent Teen Drunk Driving Deaths, Study Finds

By Paul Kistler |

About one in every four motor vehicle accidents that results in the death of a child, teen, or young adult involves a drunk driver. In order to determine how to curb the high rate of death in drunk driving accidents for teens in particular, one researcher looked at whether laws restricting both teen drinking… Read More »

Guy and girl on their phones while driving

Survey Shows Average Driver Understands Risks, Drives Dangerously Anyhow

By Paul Kistler |

A recent survey conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety shows a disconnect between what US drivers know to be safe driving behaviors, and how they actually drive. Careless or reckless drivers who cause injury accidents by exhibiting these sorts of dangerous behaviors on the road may be liable in a claim for… Read More »

riding in the rain

Riding Motorcycles in Rainy Weather

By Paul Kistler |

California is experiencing an extremely wet winter. Over the past few dry years, you may have been willing to wait until the clouds clear to get out the bike, but this year, that’s harder to do. If you’re planning to ride out the wet winter on your bike, find some suggestions below on how… Read More »

Red car hits pole 3D

Safety Nonprofit Finds Roadway Deaths at a Nine-Year High

By Paul Kistler |

A recent report from the safety nonprofit group National Research Council (NSC) reveals that roadway deaths are up for a second year in a row, after fifty years of falling fatality rates. A partnership between a federal agency and an alcohol detection technology researcher could lead to safety features in cars that would control… Read More »

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