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Deadly Head-on Collision in Lancaster Takes Two Lives, Leaves Four Others Injured

Amid the solemnity of the funeral, the wooden coffin is sent on its last journey, accompanied by a poignant composition of flowers that speak of the depth of human emotions.

Head-on collisions are among the most severe and deadliest types of crashes that can occur. These crashes often happen when one or both vehicles are traveling at a high rate of speed, increasing the violence and severity of the impact. It is not uncommon for occupants to be ejected from the vehicle in a head-on crash or for one of the vehicles to flip or rollover.

Many of these horrifying factors appear to have been present in a deadly head-on crash that occurred last month in the Antelope Valley. The accident happened in the early afternoon of Sunday, August 13 in the Roosevelt area just north of Lancaster, on Avenue E close to 50th Street East.

According to reports of the crash by KTLA 5 and an independent news agency, two people involved in the collision were declared dead at the scene. Four survivors of the crash were transported to Antelope Valley Medical Center, with two individuals in critical condition and the other two reported as having sustained minor injuries. No updates on their condition are known at this time.

Video footage of the aftermath shows a heavy presence of first responders at the scene, including the Los Angeles Fire Department, LA County Sheriffs, and the California Highway Patrol. Severe vehicle wreckage is noticeable in the video, including a nearly completely totaled sedan in the roadway and another vehicle, possibly a pickup truck, flipped over onto its roof in the brush off the roadside.

Causes of Head-on Crashes

The cause of the crash has not been reported at this time. On an undivided two-lane road like Avenue E, a head-on collision is possible for many different reasons, including moving into the opposite lane of traffic to overtake a slower vehicle, drifting over the center line due to intoxication, drowsiness or fatigue, or distracted driving. Even a medical emergency of a driver could precipitate a head-on crash. It only takes the briefest lack of attention or loss of control to cross into oncoming traffic, and if another vehicle is oncoming, the results are likely to be devastatingly catastrophic, as happened in this recent tragedy for whatever reason.

Statistics bear out that most head-on collisions happen on undivided two-lane roads, rural roads, and roads with a speed limit of 50mph or more. Crash victims and their families often need significant financial assistance to help them pay for hospital bills and follow-up medical treatment, including long-term care in some instances. There is also the loss of income, which might be long-term or permanent, and the pain, suffering and emotional harm that can come from surviving a horrific head-on crash. After a fatal accident, surviving family members can be left with all of these same kinds of costs as they mourn the loss of a loved one and struggle to find a way forward. Legal help is often necessary to achieve a full financial recovery.

Kistler Law Firm offers compassionate, skilled and dedicated help to car accident victims and families in Palmdale, Lancaster, and throughout the Antelope Valley and Los Angeles County. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a crash, call our Palmdale law office at 661-206-6990 to visit with a member of our team and find out how we can help.

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