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Kistler Law Firm, APC In The News

Ways of Determining Negligence by Catherine Kimble | Aug 11, 2021
Attorney Paul M. Kistler was interviewed for an article discussing the different ways fault is allocated in different states after a car accident or other personal injury when both parties share some of the blame. In the article, Mr. Kistler explains how comparative negligence works in California and encourages all accident victims to have an attorney review their case to see whether pursuing a claim is worthwhile even when they think they are partially at fault.

Texting While Driving Rates are High, But Penalties are Low in California by Maureen Rubin, J.D. | May 25, 2021
Paul M. Kistler was recently featured in an article discussing texting while driving in California. The article describes how low California’s penalties for texting while driving are, despite the dangerous risk of causing a car accident due to distracted driving. Mr. Kistler was asked to explain how texting and liability for a crash are proven in personal injury cases, as well as what happens if a texting driver is injured in a crash caused by another negligent driver.

The Who, What, When, and How of Punitive Damages in California Lawsuits by Candice Pillion, J.D. | Apr 23, 2021
Paul M. Kistler was featured in an article discussing punitive damages in California lawsuits. Mr. Kistler was interviewed regarding what types of cases are typically appropriate for punitive damages and what it takes to prove a case involving punitive damages.

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