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Motorcyclists enjoy the freedom of the open road and feeling the wind in their faces, but this freedom comes at a price. Because motorcyclists are so open and exposed, they are subject to serious personal injury or wrongful death in the event of a collision with another vehicle on the road. In fact, motorcycle riders are nine times more likely to be injured in a crash than an occupant of a passenger vehicle, and from 26 to 37 times more likely to be killed! Every year cars are manufactured with more safety features, giving motorists a sense of security that they will be protected in the event of an impact. Bikers, meanwhile, remain vulnerable to serious injury or death, even in a relatively minor crash that does not harm the occupants of the car. The motorcycle accident attorneys at Kistler Law Firm fight to see that injured riders and their families are compensated for the harm done to them by negligent or distracted drivers.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Because motorcycles are smaller and travel more quickly through traffic than other vehicles, they are sometimes not noticed by car and truck drivers until they are very close to the motorcycle. While motorcycle riders have a duty to ride with care, car drivers are charged with the duty to be aware of their surroundings and drive accordingly. Motorists should expect that there may be motorcycles on the road and should be alert to their presence.

Aside from being negligent or distracted and not noticing motorcycles on the road, some motorists simply do not respect the right of motorcycles to share the road and intentionally drive aggressively or recklessly around them. Because motorcycles seem to handle so easily, motorists who are inexperienced riding a motorcycle may not appreciate the limitations riders face and how easily they could be forced off the road or into a skid by another’s aggressive driving.

Common causes of motorcycle accidents on the highway include:

  • Turning into the biker’s lane and violating his or her right of way
  • Failing to yield for a motorcycle at highway on-ramps and exit ramps
  • Texting while driving, talking on a cell phone, or other distracted driving
  • Passing on undivided highways or crossing the center line

Help is Available

Motorcycle riders are encouraged to wear approved helmets and to ride defensively according to current traffic and Motorcyclists are encouraged to wear approved helmets and to ride defensively according to current traffic and road conditions. However, all the protection in the world cannot protect you from a negligent, reckless, or aggressive driver. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, please contact us to speak with a motorcycle accident attorney about your rights to recover compensation for the harm done to you

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