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Reasons It Is Beneficial to Obtain an Attorney Following a Car Accident

car accident claims

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident in Southern California, you have the right to pursue your insurance and legal claims on your own. You don’t technically need to hire a lawyer, but it’s a very good idea to do so. You’ll certainly need a lawyer to take your case to court if the other driver or the insurance company refuses to admit fault. Even if the insurance company is willing to settle, however, it’s helpful to have experienced legal counsel on your side. Below, we discuss a few of the advantages of hiring a lawyer to help you pursue your car accident claim. Call a dedicated Palmdale car accident lawyer at the Kistler Law Firm for help after a California car crash.

Avoid Costly Administrative and Legal Pitfalls

Legal claims and insurance claims are not simple. They can be extremely complex and, unfortunately, that’s by design. Insurance companies and other big players have the advantage when the rules are complex and when simple mistakes can lead to you losing out on your right to seek compensation. Without an attorney, it’s easy to miss a filing deadline, fail to include the right evidence or forms, and make other simple mistakes. If you fail to jump through the right administrative hoops, you could severely limit your recovery or lose out entirely on your right to claim damages.

A seasoned personal injury lawyer knows the rules, the players, and the game. A good lawyer has been dealing with these labyrinthine procedures for years. They know how to avoid costly pitfalls so that you do not accidentally forfeit your rights.

Focus on Your Recovery and Getting Your Life in Order

After a car crash, there’s a lot you’ll be dealing with: getting your car fixed, getting back to work, healing from your injuries, etc. The last thing you want to do is fight with the insurance company or defense attorneys about whether you were at fault, the value of your claim, whether you are entitled to medical care, and other issues. Let a professional attorney handle the administrative and legal issues so that you can focus on getting your life back in order after your serious car crash.

Understand the Real Value of Your Claims

Studies have shown that personal injury victims get better settlements and have a higher chance of success when they hire a lawyer. There are many reasons why represented victims recover more.

One of the principal reasons having an attorney helps your recovery is that your lawyer will know from experience and research how much your claim is actually worth. It’s easy to be taken in by an offer from the insurance company when you haven’t experienced just how much your car accident injuries will cost you. Your lawyer will know how to estimate your future medical costs, which could involve years of treatment, and they’ll know how to apply other legal factors to enhance your claims–such as the strength of your evidence, whether the at-fault driver was especially reckless, whether you’ve suffered any permanent injury or disability, etc. Your attorney will know how to determine the possible or probable worth of your claim, and how to prove that to the insurance company.

Avoid the Insurance Company’s Tricks

Insurance companies have one goal: Profit. They want to collect premiums and limit payouts. If you enter into negotiations without an attorney on your side, they will exploit your lack of experience with injury law to limit your recovery. They’ll undervalue your claim, they’ll demand evidence they don’t need, they’ll overstate how long your case will run before you see any compensation if you don’t accept their current offer, etc.

When you have a seasoned car crash lawyer on your side, the insurance company knows you are serious. They know they can’t play games with your settlement offers because they know your lawyer won’t stand for any nonsense. The insurance company has hired-gun lawyers to protect them; why shouldn’t you have professional representation as well?

Working with a seasoned car accident attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve. At the Kistler Law Firm, our Palmdale car accident attorneys will work with you to assess your case, help you collect evidence, and pursue appropriate legal action on your behalf. Reach out to our team today to schedule a free consultation about your case.

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