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Reasons Why It Makes Sense to Obtain a Local Attorney for Your Auto Accident Claim

car accident lawyer

Finding the right attorney to help after a car accident can be a daunting task. You want to find a lawyer who not only knows the law but also has the requisite experience, expertise, and familiarity with the courts, defense attorneys, expert witnesses, and other key players. Although it may be tempting to hire the most high-priced lawyer on the other side of the state, there are many advantages to hiring someone local to you.

Continue reading to learn about why it makes sense to hire a local lawyer to represent you for your traffic accident claims. If you were hurt in a traffic accident in Southern California, call a seasoned Palmdale car accident attorney at the Kistler Law Firm for stellar advice and representation.

Understanding of Local Court Procedures

Although there are state laws, statewide rules of court, and statewide rules of evidence (as well as Federal Rules of Evidence for federal cases), every individual court has its own unique set of court procedures. Each county court has rules of procedure, and many individual judges even have their own demands. Local rules touch on everything from when hearings will be scheduled to how court papers should be formatted to how cases will proceed.

If you aren’t a local hire, even if you are a talented attorney, it’s easy to make mistakes. There are just too many rules to worry about. An imported lawyer will also waste time spinning their wheels just trying to learn all the local procedures, and that’s time that could be spent negotiating for a better settlement for you.

If your attorney is local to the area, however, they’ll have familiarity with the specific foibles of each courthouse and each individual judge. Having a court filing rejected on technical grounds is not only embarrassing; it can ruin your rapport with the court and even hurt the case.

Relationship With Court and Other Personnel

On top of knowing the particulars of each court’s rules of procedure, it helps to have an attorney familiar with the individual judge. Judges are people, as are the defense attorneys, court clerks, and other people involved with the case. Having a good rapport with the folks involved in the court process can make everything run much more smoothly, avoid mistakes, and gain some leeway with arguments, evidence, and procedure.

Some local courts and attorneys even have biases against “white-shoe” lawyers coming in from out-of-state or other cities to poach local clients. Having the benefit of the doubt with the court from the beginning is a huge advantage in any litigation.

Familiar With Local Medical Providers

The value of your claims–and even whether you have a claim at all–often depends on the testimony of medical expert witnesses. Your insurer and/or the court may require you to undergo a medical examination as part of your claims process. A local hire attorney knows the medical providers in your area and knows whom to call to get a fair examination.

Some doctors are even biased in favor of insurance companies because insurers send them repeat business. Avoid a medical examination that is already tainted in favor of limiting your claims by working with an attorney who knows the fair, unbiased medical providers and other experts in your area.

If you were hurt in a car crash in Southern California, call an experienced, successful attorney with proper ties to the area to maximize your chances at a comprehensive recovery. At the Kistler Law Firm, our Palmdale auto accident attorneys will work with you to assess your case, gather evidence, and pursue appropriate legal action on your behalf. Reach out to our team today to schedule a free consultation about your case.

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