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Lancaster Drivers Ranked Safest in State, but only Average Nationwide


The Allstate Insurance Company recently released its America’s Best Drivers Report 2015, which ranks the safe driving practices of drivers in the 200 biggest cities in the country by population. Of the 43 California cities on the list, Lancaster was ranked as #1 in the state for having the safest drivers. Drivers in Lancaster averaged an accident once every 10.0 years, placing the city at 44 in the complete list of 200 cities. The top city in the country for safe drivers was Kansas City, Kansas, where drivers averaged an accident once every 13.3 years. The fourth safest city for driving in California was Palmdale, at 68 on the complete list with 9.2 years between accidents for the average driver.

The national average for accidents (including drivers in both the 200 biggest cities and elsewhere) was for drivers to have an accident once every 10 years. What this means is that, while drivers in Lancaster are considered among the safest in the state on average, they are right at the national average in comparison to the rest of the country. And, thus, the other big cities in California are all below average for safe driving, and in some cases, way below the national average. The ten bottom cities include three cities from California, with Los Angeles at 191 (accidents every 6.1 years), San Francisco at 193 (accidents every 6.1 years) and Glendale at 194 (accidents every 5.6 years). The absolute worst drivers in the country, as determined by the report, were in Worcester, MA (accidents every 4.5 years) and Boston, MA (accidents every 3.9 years).

California’s poor showing for safe driving on the list was not just limited to those at the very bottom, as California cities dominated the bottom half of the list. The remaining California cities ranked as followed: Salinas (59), Rancho Cucamonga (66), Thousand Oaks (71), Elk Grove (78), Ontario (79), Oxnard (80), Bakersfield (86), Moreno Valley (92), Fontana (97), Fresno (98), Pomona (101), San Bernardino (102), Huntington Beach (103), Santa Rosa (104), Escondido (105), Modesto (CA), Santa Clarita (108), Chula Vista (112), Sacramento (115), Stockton (117), San Diego (123), Riverside (124), Oceanside (126), Orange (129), Corona (132), Santa Ana (139), Long Beach (148), Hayward (156), Irvine (159), San Jose (165), Pasadena (167), Sunnyvale (169), Fremont (172), Anaheim (173), Fullerton (176), Torrance (179), Garden Grove (186) and Oakland (188).

Allstate’s rankings also provided alternate rankings to account for the factors of population density (Lancaster ranked lower at 74, while Palmdale ranked at 126) and snow and rainfall (Lancaster ranked at 53, with Palmdale at 91).

What we can take from these statistics is that, while Lancaster and Palmdale drivers are on average among the safest in the state, accidents still do happen here relatively frequently, and much more frequently across the state. In the unfortunate circumstance that you do find yourself or someone you love in an auto accident, contact the skilled Palmdale personal injury attorney Paul Kistler for a free consultation on your claim at 661-206-6990.

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