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Things to Avoid After a Car Accident

Car Crash with police

If you’ve been hurt in a car crash, there are important steps to take in order to protect your rights. There are also important pitfalls to avoid. Below, we discuss a few common mistakes that people make after a car crash that can negatively impact their recovery. For any questions or for help recovering compensation after an Antelope Valley car crash, call a seasoned Lancaster auto accident injury lawyer at the Kistler Law Firm for advice and assistance.

Do Not Leave the Scene Without Reporting the Accident

California law requires drivers involved in a car crash to stop at the scene and exchange information with other involved parties. If anyone was hurt, the proper authorities must be notified. It’s not only a legal duty–it’s an important step in protecting your rights. The police will come and conduct an investigation. Their investigation and ultimate report may be key pieces of evidence down the line when you are seeking compensation.

Do Not Admit Fault

We are conditioned to be polite. Polite people apologize, even when they didn’t do anything wrong. In normal life, this is a virtue; after an accident, it can be detrimental to your rights. Do not apologize, do not mitigate the other driver’s fault, do not say “I’m sorry”–even just to be polite. Saying you’re sorry can be construed as an admission of fault, which may give the at-fault driver or their insurance company the ability to argue they should not be responsible for compensating you for your injuries. You can be polite and offer to help any injured parties without taking any of the blame.

Do Not Downplay or Underestimate Your Injuries

Along similar lines, people tend to downplay their injuries to project strength and confidence. After the accident, you may be inclined to say to the other parties or witnesses that you are “fine.” You may want to post on social media that you are doing well after your accident. These comments can come back to haunt you.

When you are trying to hold the at-fault driver, their insurance provider, or other parties liable for the harm you have suffered, you do not want them to have any grounds to downplay your injuries. See a doctor and tell them about any and all symptoms you are experiencing. Do not publicly say anything to downplay your injuries; let your medical record stand on its own for your eventual legal claim.

Do Not Pursue Your Claims Without an Attorney

Legally, you have the option to pursue your claims against the at-fault driver without attorney representation. In practice, however, it’s better to have a steady legal hand on your side. If the insurance company tries to get you to accept a lowball settlement or refuses to admit fault, you might need to take your case to court. An experienced lawyer can evaluate your situation, give you an accurate assessment of the value of your claims, gather evidence, negotiate with the insurance company, and build the strongest case for compensation. Your lawyer can shoulder the legal and administrative burden so you can focus on your recovery. Accident victims with lawyers obtain greater compensation than if they try to settle a claim on their own.

Call a Dedicated Lancaster Car Accident Lawyer at the Kistler Law Firm Today

There are a thousand reasons why a car accident might happen, and each case is unique. Contact our Palmdale car accident injury attorney today to evaluate your unique auto accident claim. The Kistler Law Firm will give you a personalized evaluation and help you figure out your legal rights and next steps.

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